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Past and present clients include Sesame Workshop, Tinkercast, and Ghost Writer.

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XANDER STORY SCOUTS are experts in the children’s, bridge, family, and YA markets. We excel at identifying, assessing, and acquiring content and inspiring literary IP for a variety of platforms and global media companies. With long-standing and trusted connections in publishing, we access the most engaging material, new and classic (Charlotte’s Web is one of many), plus share exciting opportunities, iconic and rising-star authors, and the hottest industry trends with our clients. We take pride in connecting your company with the perfect story.

And that’s not all! XANDER STORY SCOUTS is also an INDEPENDENT CHILDREN’S BOOK PUBLISHER AND PACKAGER. We publish high-quality, stand-out fiction, nonfiction and activity books, specializing in TV/film/media tie-ins. Our passion is engaging stories that transport us, make us laugh, and speak to our curious readers’ boundless sense of wonder. Does your company have IP that would work as a children’s book or series? We’ve developed and produced tie-in books for Ghostwriter, Goosebumps, Fear Street, Seventeen, John Deere, Full House, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and many others.

Past and present clients include Sesame Workshop, Tinkercast, and Ghost Writer.


Heather Alexander loves a good story. She has been an industry leader in the kid lit space for decades: as Editorial Director for a premier children’s publisher, editor of numerous bestselling series (including Goosebumps, Fear Street, and Full House), award-winning children’s book author published by all major imprints, founder and programming director for a national Book Festival, and literary consultant for Ghostwriter, an Emmy-winning children’s live action television show. Her deep knowledge of the children’s book and entertainment market combined with her multi-faceted experience has made Heather a sought-after book-to-media scout and acquisition consultant.

Heather of Xander Story Scouts


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